Allt jag ville blev förstört

Jag har inte riktigt kunnat bestämt mig för om jag ska vila idag eller inte. Det är ju riktigt tråkigt att vila men jag vet inte vad jag ska köra efter gårdagsen fredagsfys. Kanske lite triceps, biceps och andra små muskler på överkroppen.

Först ska jag ut och äta lunch med killen så får vi se sen vad jag hitta på för skoj träning. Jag hade ju hoppts på att kunna gå ut och spela tennis, badminton eller vad som helst för skoj. Men när jag vaknar och ser att det snöade för fullt så blev ju dom planerna förstörda.

Postat av: Emil


I came across this blog by accident.

Can you tell my if you guys are training in Beijing sports uni? Or some other place?

Response would be kindly appreciated.

2010-02-06 @ 09:47:29
Postat av: Wushu Cissi

Hi Emil

Accedent or not it´s nice to have a foreinger here.

Y we are training at Beijing Sport University, we have also trained at Shichahai for a while.

Are you planning on coming to Beijing?

2010-02-06 @ 12:37:54
Postat av: Emil

Thanks for your response.

Can you tell me few specifics about your group? Is there other foreigners at the moment? How about the coach, also teaching southern styles? And what is the price level there?

I will be in Beijing within few months, so Im looking for a place to train. I used to train in Shanghai Sports Uni before.

Hopefully you dont find aswering these questions too troublesome.

2010-02-06 @ 15:10:43
Postat av: Wushu Cissi

We are a group with only foreingers, last semester about 10 of us.

Our group got two different coaches one that is really good and one that just sits there. But I wont know until march how they will divide the classes.

Both of them know southern styles but if you want to learn a whole new taolu they usually tell one of the guys from the schoolteam to come and teach you.

The price for a whole semester is 10,000RMB. If you are gonna pay for one month it´s 3000.

Just tell me if you have any more questions and I will try to answer them.

2010-02-07 @ 03:47:04
Postat av: Emil

Thanks again for the response. That 3000RMB / month does not sound too bad. What is included in that? How many times do you train / week?

I will probably be there around May-July...

2010-02-07 @ 10:08:40
Postat av: Wushu Cissi

We have classes from mon-friday that starts at 8am and go on for 2,5 hours. Always starting with basics and jumps and then taolu.

Weight training we usually do by ourself, but maybe once or twice a week we do it in class.

In the afternoon we can normally go to the wushu hall and train as long as there is other classes going on and you´r not in the way.

2010-02-08 @ 04:00:59
Postat av: Emil

Allright. So there is a gym available as well?

And how are you managing your accommodation?

I think thats about all I have to ask, ha ha.

2010-02-08 @ 08:29:38

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